Research 3

Bio-inspired Cilia Sensors


In our group, we have developed a flexible, power efficient, and very sensitive cilia sensing system that consists of two main components:

1. A force responsive hair-like structure made of a permanent magnetic nanocomposite material that combines the advantages of polymers like flexibility, elasticity, chemical resistance and biocompatibility with the unique properties of magnetic nanowires such as shape anisotropy. This unique magnetic nanocomposite does not require the application of an external magnetic field, which is an attractive feature to reduce the power consumption and allow miniaturization and integration.

2. A thin film magnetic field sensor (e.g. Giant magneto-impedance sensor (GMI)) to detect the change of the stray magnetic field of the permanent magnetic hair upon deflection due to an external force.

The first sensing concept we developed was a flow sensor that featured high sensitivity and extremely low power consumption of less than 100 nW.

Currently, we are working on a tactile sensor for smart skin applications.