Herbert Weitensfelder

Visiting Students
​Visiting Ph.D student from Austria​

Research Interests

1. Experimental physics.

2. Magnetic sensors.
3. Spintronics.

Selected Publications

Comparison of Sensitivity and Low-Frequency Noise Contributions in Giant-Magnetoresistive and Tunneling-Magnetoresistive Spin-Valve Sensors with a Vortex-State Free Layer

Herbert Weitensfelder, Hubert Brueckl, Armin Satz, Klemens Pruegl, Juergen Zimmer, Sebastian Luber, Wolfgang Raberg, Claas Abert, Florian Bruckner, Anton Bachleitner-Hofmann, Roman Windl, and Dieter Suess

Physical Review Applied 10, 054056, November 2018


Temperature Dependence of Noise in Giant- and Tunneling Magnetoresistive Vortex Sensors

Herbert Weitensfelder, Hubert Brueckl, Armin Satz and Dieter Suess

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, March 2019


Noise Characterization of Vortex-State GMR Sensors with Different Free Layer Thicknesses

Herbert Weitensfelder, Hubert Brueckl, Armin Satz and Dieter Suess

MDPI Proceedings 2(13), December 2018​


PhD Physics, University of Vienna, Austria, 2016–present.

MSc Experimental physics, Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria, 2015.

BSc Physics, Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria 2012.